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Online Golf Lessons

An online golf lesson with Darren Golsby explains the ‘Proper Golf Swing’ helping you correct any mistakes whilst creating a swing that is simple, repeatable, reliable and allowing you to Own It!

For golfers of all skill levels looking to improve their game an online golf lesson can help you achieve your full golf potential and get the most out of your game.

An internet golf lesson is a positive process where strengths and good performance are acknowledged along with identifying and correcting weaknesses in performance. It is extremly motivational to see improvement. 





ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I fight the hook constantly. Some days are better than others but it is a major issue in my game. Love the loading on the left side and getting back in front of the line. Jeff-camp-1

For the upperbody finish, I have been trying to figure out the weird way that my upperbody finishes for a long time!! I have taken numerous notes and can’t wait to work on it.

Loved all of the analysis and thought that it was spot on!!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I also love being able to see your other lessons….another invaluable learning tool! I spend a lot of time trying to get better and learn the swing….this is like a treasure chest! What a value!! Thanks Darren!! Jeff Camp


How It Works

Step 1: Video tape your swing with a digital camcorder from at least two angles, record from the front view and the back view.

Step 2: 

The quickest and cheapest way to get us your clip is through email. You can do this is for free if you have Windows Xp through a video editing program that comes standard with Windows XP called "moviemaker". Simply capture the clip into "moviemaker" with a firewire connection and then edit the clip or clips you want to send and then push the email button. If you want to email more than one clip send them separately please. 

Just send in a video of your swing or putting or whichever part of your game needs fixing to darrren@golfer.com.au.

Step 3:

Once received, it will be analyzed using the SWINGER system comparing the touring professional's technical reference points to your's and add it to your page in the Lesson Locker.

You will recieve an email when your video analysis is completed.


Awarded Diploma of Professional Golf (1998). Subjects included: Golf Science, Club Construction, Rules & Ethics, Sports Psychology. Visit www.golsbygolf.com to learn more.


Single Internet Lesson $29.99


3x Internet Lesson Package $69.99


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