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Improve Your Golf The Gary Edwin Way

Gary Edwin has put together a pretty special and very comprehensive resource for golfers of all levels to improve in the easiest way possible. Click Here To Learn More

Whether you are competing against your friends, in club competition or on a professional tour, it’s about improving your technique, making it simpler so that it repeats. 

Gary says "As you will see, I teach the same things to beginners as I do to my tour players. It’s about giving you the right information, in the right way, for the best results."

A Membership For Everyone

There are 3 different memberships that give access to this site, along with a whole bunch of useful gear to make you a better golfer. CLICK HERE NOW

No fuss, no big hype.  Just the right info, demonstrations and gear to get you sorted.

Gold Plan

TRSS Explained + Lessons Step 1-5,over 70 videos!

Platinum Plan

Access all video, Personal Swing advice, 250 videos!

Ultimate Plan

All videos, Full Internet Lesson, e-book, Training Aids & more.

Gary Edwin Golf – The Right Sided Swing

HUGE Video Library Updated 4 Times a Month

Members receive:

  • Access to over 250 instructional videos! CLICK HERE NOW
  • Full iPad and iPhone compatibility
  • Members Q & A forum
  • View Live Lessons with my tour players and see their swing models in HD and full HD slow motion


Your site is tremendous.  It is my major focus when I’m looking for golf instruction online…

…Personally I think it’s one of the best websites for golf instructions going around…

…excellent price for the membership and a tremendous amount of videos!


Compare Membership Levels

New Video!!!  TRSS Explained
Step 1-5 Videos ( 70+ Videos)
Short game Videos  
Members Q&A Forum  
Video Streaming
Video Download
Live Lesson Vault  
Full HD Player Articles and Lessons  
Behind the Scenes Vault  
Personal Manual eBook    
UK Seminar Download    
Impact Bag    
Seminars   10% Discount 10% Discount
Golf Schools   10% Discount 10% Discount
Members Internet Lessons   Full Internet Lesson
  $59/ 1 month $149/year $299


Gary's Commitment To You

"My commitment to you is simple.

We’ll give you all the information you need to develop a swing like my tour players.  You can learn the Right Sided Swing online at your own pace.

Build a simple, powerful and repeatable golf swing.CLICK HERE NOW

Along with that,you’ll receive a whole range of:

  • further information,
  • discounts,
  • products,
  • lots more

depending on what level of Membership you sign up for. CLICK HERE NOW

We’re committed to providing the absolute best value golf instruction online and hope we can help you improve your golf, enjoy all the site has to offer and get that score down!"


Gary Edwin